Inrex hires reliable and caring staff who are annually retrained and certified with CPR, First Aid, and medication administration.

We provide HPC (Homemaker Personal Care) services to individuals and groups with Individual Option (I.O) and Level 1 waivers, either in their homes or at group home settings. Payeeship services are also available to our clients at no cost to the individual.

We pride ourselves in truly knowing and valueing the person, creating healthy relationships, and acknowledging the difficulties they face. We offer encouragement and support and provide safe interactions during times of crises with experienced staff members and medical staffing (Nursing Services).


Supported Living Services Core Values

Assure that people with developmental disabilities receive services and other assistance and opportunities they need to achieve their maximum potential through increased independence, productivity, and integration into the community.

  • Honesty we strive to disclose information accurately and give frequent feedback to guardians and other parties as required by law while maintaining the individual’s privacy and adherence to the HIPAA guidelines.
  • Confidentiality we respect and protect the privacy of those we serve.
  • Respect of Self and others We strive to ensure that personal behaviors whether its from those we serve or from any of our staff members does not interfere with the rights of others including the use of language, attire and actions. Incidents of sexual harassment, aggressive, verbal or physical abuse are not tolerated. Any complaints or reports of abuse are investigated fully as well as reported according to the State MUI policy.
  • Participation Individual- is expected to participate to the fullest of their ability in ISP development, meetings, implementation and decision making according to their service plan.
  • Free from substance abuse individuals we serve and our staff is expected to be free from the influence of illegal drugs. Individuals are expected not to use, posses or sell such illegal substances.
  • Tolerance our staff members demonstrate awareness and acceptance of the diversity by being polite and considerate of those they serve. Our staff members accept others regardless of race, gender, culture, religion or country of origin. Discrimination of any form is not tolerated at any time.
  • Complaints/Feedback we encourage guardians and other concerned parties to participate in care giving by informing us and getting to our attention any concerns. This enables us to better provide the best care to those that we serve.

The Rights of those that we serve:

  1. To be treated with respect at all times.
  2. To live in a safe place.
  3. To have food that is good for you.
  4. To pray or not to pray where I choose.
  5. To get medical treatment when I need it.
  6. To get extra help
  7. To have people teach you
  8. To be alone when you want to
  9. To talk to anyone you need to
  10. To have your own things
  11. To have friends
  12. To do things you want to do
  13. To work and make money
  14. To be treated like everyone else
  15. To not be hit or called names
  16. To learn, make friends and do things in community
  17. To make choices about your life
  18. To ask someone to help you (advocate)
  19. To buy things you want or need with your money
  20. To say “yes” or “no” to people that want to learn about or look your personal files
  21. To tell people if they don’t like something
  22. To not be restrained (tied down) or given medicine if you don’t need it.
  23. To have the right to vote
  24. To say “no” if you don’t want to be in a study experiment.